Full List of Studio Equipment


Computer / Digital

• 2022 Mac Studio, 32GB Ram, 4TB SSD etc
• Avid Pro Tools Ultimate / HDX – latest version
• Avid MTRX Studio (Digital Audio Denmark Converters)
• SSL UC1 Digital Controller
• Steinberg WaveLab Pro 11
• Reaper
• Plugins by…. FabFilter, Softube, Kush Audio, Sound Radix, Sound Toys, SSL, Oeksound, Relab, TC Electronics, Soundtheory, Empirical Labs, Voxengo, plus many more
• Steven Slate Trigger 2 Drum Enhancement – full suite
• iZotope RX 10 Restoration Tools and Audio Editor
• Antares Autotune
• Metric Halo Sontec Mastering EQ
• plus many other essential tools


• Cranesong Avocet IIA Monitor Controller
• Greg Osborn Titans plus Subs 2.2 full range mastering speakers
• Vintage Auratone Monitors (5C cubes)
• Vintage Sharp HiFi with subs


• Chandler REDD Mic
• AKG C12VR with vintage Brass CK12 capsule (power supply and mods by Ross Giles)
• Collection of Sony HiRes Pencil Condensers (carded and omni)
• Vintage Sennheiser 421’s x 2
• 1950’s Shure 55S Dynamic (killer on Gtr cab)
• Vintage AKG 451 Pencil Condensers with Omni and Carrion Capsules
• Lot’s of other mics


• Heritage Audio 1073 with vintage Maranair Output Transformer (racked and modded by Ross Giles)
• Giles Audio VMP2C Valve PreAmp
• LaChapell 992EG Stereo Valve Pre with Premium Valves
• 2 x Digital Audio Denmark / Avid PreAmps
• Triton Audio Stereo Fet Pre – Modded by Ross Giles
• 1980 Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb (as used by Vangelis)
• 80’s Yamaha Rev 7 (as used by Nirvana and many others)
• Roland RE-150 Tape Echo (Vintage)
• EchoFix EF-X3R Chorus Echo Tape Echo with individual head outs
• 70’s Neve 33609 Metal Knob Compressor Limiter (fully original holy grail vintage Neve magic)
• Empirical Labs Fatso EL7X Compressor / Tape Sim / High Freq Limiter
• ADesigns Hammer HM2 Valve EQ (mastering mod)
• Innertube Audio Atomic Squeeze Box Valve Limiter
• Giles Audio STA Level Valve Compressor
• SPL Stereo De-Esser
• DBX 160SL Compressor Limiter (Desirable Blue Version with V8 VCA’s)

Instruments / amps

• 1994 Yamaha C7 7 foot Grand Piano
• 1950’s L101 Hammond Organ
• Early 70’s Leslie 122 Rotating Speaker
• Nord Stage Piano Keyboard loaded with the best samples
• Oberheim OB-X8 Analog Synth (8 voice)
• 1979 Roland SH09 Mono Synthesiser
• 1963 Vox AC30 Treble Head
• Mid 80’s Marshall JCM800 Head
• Early 80’s Fender BassMan Head
• Peavey 6505 Head
• Vintage Peavey MK III 400 Bass Head
• 60’s Silver Bell Celestian Speakers in a modern 2 x 12” open back cab
• 1968 Green Back Celestian Speakers in a modern 2 x 12” open back cab
• mid 70’s Marshall Quad Box with 1777 12” Speakers (the sound of rock)
• Vintage Eminence Single 15” Bass Cab
• Various Acoustic & Electric Guitars in different tunings
• Fender Jazz & Precision Basses
• 2 x High Quality Guitar Pedal Boards with Various Pedals


• Headband High quality Headphone Amp (User controls)
• Extreme Isolation Headphones
• Peach audio Power Conditioner
• Radial J48 Active DI
• Radial X-Amp (for ramping DI’d guitars thru amps)
• Lot’s of other bits and pieces like tuner, capo’s etc as needed
• Lots of expensive room correction (bass traps and acoustic treatment)